To help celebrate IWD we wanted to extend our congratulations again to all the women in the #Engagement101 & our judges – global influencers in #EmployeeEngagement and driving improvement for all of us in the world of work:

Aimee Lucas

Ally Bunin

Amber Kelly

Anne Fulton

Carmen Medina

Cassandra Goodman

Cathy Brown

Celine Schillinger

China Gorman

Christine Comaford

Crystal Miller Lay

Deborah de Satge

Emma Bridger

Ester Martinez

Gloria Lombardi

Jasmine Gartner

Jennifer McClure

Jennifer Rhule

Jill Christensen

Jo Harley

Karin Volo

Kelly Joscelyne

Kimberly Abel Lanier

Linda Holbeche

Lindsay Wolff Logsdon

Lise Michaud

Liz Ryan

Mardi Barnes

Meghan M Biro

Nicole Dessain

Ruth Dance

Sam Fuller

Sara Tatchio

Stacey Harris

Susan Hunt Stevens

Traci Deveau

Victoria Lewis-Stephens

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